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Primary Care Management Solutions offer a range of services designed to enhance performance, improve profitability, productivity, efficiency and satisfaction within your workplace. As a result of our consultancy work, your organisation will actualise its full potential.

The efficiency and effectiveness of day-to-day activities will improve whilst maximising income and thinking about long-term learning, development and progress.

As of 1st April 2013 all providers of healthcare were required to register with the CQC (Care Quality Commission). This has and continues to cause at already a difficult time for general practice an increased burden and stress. We have worked with a number of providers both NHS and private, assisting them on achieving CQC compliance. For further details of our full range of CQC services.

A practice may require caretaking during following any period of planned or unplanned disruptions; this may be due to annual, sick or unexpected leave of absences in small practices. In larger practices caretaking may be required due to a merger or takeover.

We have worked with (them) PCT’s and now CCG’s to provide caretaking of practices for APMS takeover, preparing practices during transition whilst procurement is secured.

Primary Care Management Solutions Ltd have extensive experience in supporting GP practices with remedial issues. Having worked with an array of practices on such matters, usually post issue of remedial or breach notices. We are listed on the NCAS (National Clinical Assessment Service’s) Back on Track Directory, as a specialist organisation that can assist practices with developmental and training support.

If you are a practice that has received a breach or remedial notice we would in the first instance advise that you contact the Londonwide Local Medical Committee GP Support Service team who are usually informed by NHSE of remedial and or breach notices issued to practices. PCMS Ltd work closely with the Londonwide LMC through their subsidiary LEL (London Enterprise Limited) who may refer our services to your organisation if you require advisory or practical support.

Practice Management is at the cornerstone of our services, it is from where our long relationship with general practice began and where our specialism lies. This particular aspect of our service is tailored to the individual and specific needs of our customers and clients. Currently the level and pace of changes within general practice has resulted in increasing pressures on the profession. Practice manager vacancies are up by as much as 12-20%.

Some areas where we can provide effective practice management and managerial support services or are;

  • For CCG’s, GMS, PMS & APMS practises seeking managerial input, solutions and support.
  • For GPs looking to fill gaps due to retirement or resignation of Practice Managers.
  • For newly appointed Practice Managers that are seeking training or support.
  • Care taking required as a result of a takeover or for new ownership of practice.

Have you ever wondered why something just doesn’t appear to work as it should within your organisation? Sometimes when you are neck deep in the thick of it, it can become increasingly difficult to remove yourself from the pressures to evaluate your own position. Our experience on helping organisations evaluate their position stems from an amalgamation of organisational and management psychology theories.

Whilst theories alone cannot be the sole instrument for making changes within an organisation, for this stage post analysis PCMS Ltd have developed robust process and systems management techniques which we will work with your organisation to orchestrate and deploy to ensure maximum efficiency, effectiveness and achievement.

Following an evaluation of an organisation and developing and proposing systems of change, it is this process that can be the most troublesome to an organisation and its workforce.

Having facilitated changes and improvements within numerous organisations we are confident that we can work alongside your existing workforce to ensure delivered changes are smooth and palatable for all concerned.

We offer a robust and comprehensive consultancy service, which includes:

  • Troubleshooting.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Detailed analysis & extensive research.
  • Review and proposal.
  • Resources required.
  • Methods and plan of implementation required to achieve desired goal/s.


The first step is to benchmark your maximal performance using our pre-assessment tool and questionnaire.

We then assess where your service currently stands against this standard while keeping in mind the individual service profile, staff competencies, the demographics of the patients and the contract requirements.We look at any shortfall and enable you to achieve this with support and guidance.
The final action plan is then agreed and put in place before there’s is a further review, if necessary, which measures our success at achieving the agreed outcomes.

Our reports are practical and form the basis of any agreed final plan action plan. They are bespoke and designed only for the service we are evaluating.

As well as offering an advisory consulting service, we can also (at request) provide a competitive quote to undertake the required tasks by our own skilled and qualified team. The benefit of this is that the client saves the time required to train staff for the tasks or the time it takes to perform the tasks themselves.

Critical to our success is working with the existing stakeholders & increasing patient access and satisfaction.

Our aim is to increase efficiency and improve standards be they clinical or operational. We do this in an inclusive fashion and make use of our in-house clinical, operational and IT expertise which we utilise according to the requirement of the service.

Our expert team of report writers include experienced managers and professionals with academic and senior management level experience. We have prepared business cases and reports for both small and large projects. Our reports are practical and form the basis of any agreed final plan action plan. They are bespoke and designed only for the service we are evaluating.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Our team will be happy to discuss the requirements of your project and assist you in the preparation of a project plan to help achieve your desired goals. Key components of a project plan will include an assessment of the desired outcome and objectives, resources required, key milestones and defined areas of responsibility and accountability.

With Information Technology being at the cornerstone of our every working practice, it is essential that these tools are fully utilised to achieve their maximum potential to better assist your organisation. Our team of experts have over a decade of experience working with the various technologies in use within general practice and primary care organisations.

Are you unclear on what the new GMS contract revisions mean for you and your practice?
Have you recently undergone a review of your PMS contract and been adversely effected?
Are you are an APMS contractor and have questions on KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), potential mergers with either GMS or PMS contactors?

GMS, PMS & APMS Contracts can be even for the most astute business mind confusing and a legal mind field, this may be particularly the case for small or medium size practices. Our team of experts have extensive expertise in understanding and working with such contracts and welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.

Our experienced team of managers and consultants have worked with a range of primary care organisations to provide mediation and facilitation. Facilitation can be a useful tool for organisations to make use of an external expert to try and work within any team dynamics to facilitate the organisations objectives. Mediation may be required within an organisation where the team dynamics may be causing disruption to the wider workforce.
Our experienced team of healthcare managers and management consultants have extensive experience of procurement within healthcare. With the increasing developments in healthcare particularly from the result of the changes of PCT’s to CCG’s, provider networks and AQP (any qualified provider) bidding. Now more than ever primary care organisations are required to acquire the necessary skills to allow them to participate in the opportunities that may be available through procurement. PCMS Ltd currently have a 100% track record of reaching ITT (invitation to tender) stage of the procurement process and welcome the opportunity to work with your organisation with the preparation of bid writing. Contact our friendly and experienced team of professionals who can advise and assist you with your procurement needs.
Estates now more than ever play an important role in the provision of services. With the recent transfer of all local estates teams to NHS Property Services more changes are on the horizon. General Practice has also soon a recent move from GP owned premises to privately owned and leased accommodation, with the gradual phasing out of small converted houses to larger purpose built medical centres and centres for health. There are many aspects of estates and facilities that can be a cause of concern for healthcare providers, more recently and the ongoing CQC compliancy as well as DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) and Health & Safety, legionella and infection control. We can support your organisation with whatever your needs may be, whether this is;
  • Serviced buildings, negotiating service charges.
  • Relocation of practice premises
  • Facilities and services management
  • CQC Compliancy, including infection control audits and procedures

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We are General Practice specialists and currently manage and provide managerial support to several GP practices and CCGs. This provides us with firsthand insight of what is required to effectively run and manage a harmonious and thriving organisation.

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