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From 1st April 2013, all providers of healthcare have a statutory obligation to register with the CQC (Care Quality Commission) as part of the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

With practice manager vacancies at an all-time high, some sources quoting the figure as being between 12 – 20%, for many practice managers CQC registration was the straw from an ever increasing list of hurdles and hoops to jump through.

PCMS Ltd can help your practice and organisation obtain CQC compliancy, whether this is registering your organisation for the first time, or achieving compliancy and helping you prepare for a visit or post visit remedial action. The below is a brief list of some of the areas where PCMS Ltd can help you with, call or email us today to discuss your requirements.

Are you a new organisation and require assistance in registering with the CQC, let PCMS Ltd take the hassle and stress away from registering your organisation under the health and social care act (2008).
Registering with the CQC is the first step of a lengthy process, with anywhere between 16 and 28 outcomes to comply with, PCMS Ltd have worked with large (multisite) and small (independent) provider organisations to achieve compliancy against the required essential standards and outcomes.
The range of processes in place within any healthcare organisation are heavily regulated and to satisfy CQC inspectors organisations will be required to demonstrate compliancy against the required outcomes and standards. The CQC inspectors will assess your organisations protocols and policies thoroughly and as well as measuring these for accuracy, will equally and more so measure for adherence to these. PCMS Ltd have worked with many organisations that have fallen into the trap of obtaining and producing impressive protocols and policies, we have also seen a surge in third party suppliers providing practices and organisations access to numerous policies which they can download with a few mouse clicks. PCMS Ltd do not advocate of such practices and advise all organisations we work with that it is far better for your organisation to keep all protocols and policies simple and functional. PCMS Ltd have worked with many organisations and helped them to develop be-spoke protocols and policies helping them achieve full CQC Compliancy.
The actual inspection is perhaps the most stressful aspect of registering with the CQC, with increased powers of investigation, such as accessing medical records; the 48 hours’ notice that is provided for routine inspections can rarely be sufficient time to adequately prepare your organisation for what can be rather intrusive and stressful visits lasting from anything to half a day to two or more days. PCMS Ltd can help minimise the stress associated with a CQC inspection by arranging mock inspection at your organisation. The value and benefit of such an exercise cannot be underestimated and if you are concerned about what to expect from a CQC visit then contact us today.
Even the best organisations will have areas where improvements can be made. In the unfortunate event following an inspection from the CQC you have failed to meet your obligations against any of the required essential standards PCMS Ltd can help you to remedy the failing standard(s). If you have recently had a CQC visit and failed against any of the standards, contact PCMS Ltd today so that we can work with you to correct areas where your organisation may have fallen below the required standard.
Essential standards, outcomes 12 (requirements relating to workers), 12 (staffing), 14 (supporting workers) will require for organisations to demonstrate compliance in terms of staffing and staff training. As well as the core and mandatory list of training that organisations and staff need to comply with, organisations should be able to demonstrate a commitment and framework for adherence to all aspects of relevant training. PCMS Ltd can help your organisation to ensure staff are adequately trained in all relevant areas and create a bespoke training matrix and framework.

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