About Us

Primary Care Management Solutions Ltd (PCMS) is a specialist healthcare
management consultancy. 
The brain child of two practice managers who 
identified the need for support for GP practices. Initially, our portfolio of services 
included only management cover, support and consultancy.

Over the past five years, due to demand, our portfolio of services have expanded significantly and we now not only work with independent GP practices we work with large APMS providers, CCG’s and Private organisations.

We are a grass-roots organisation and will tailor our service to your precise needs; our depth and knowledge of general practice and primary care gives us the experience to ensure that we understand what solutions will work for you, and how best to deliver these within your respective environment and any restrictions there may be.

We specialise in primary care and have almost 20 years experience in this field, the chances are that if your problem or request has anything to do with primary care we can help.

We are confident there is no other organisation that offers the specialism we provide to our clients; the vast majority of whom return to use our services again. This we feel is what makes us the market leader in general practice development and management consultancy for healthcare and general practice.

Whatever your needs small or big, whatever size of organisation large group practices, APMS providers or small independent single handed practices we have worked with them all, so feel free to give us a call or send us an email to have an informal chat about your requirements.

Our Skills



Practice Management​

Management Consultancy​

Practice Caretaking​

We are confident that we understand your business needs. Our staff are actively employed within Primary Care across different settings and in different capacities. With hands-on experience and knowledge, our specialists will provide practical methods to implement effective and robust management systems. Our staff are carefully selected for their expertise, professionalism and commitment to the client. You will enjoy working with our friendly dedicated team.Based in West London, Primary Care Management Solutions are readily available at short notice for both short and long-term contracts. From providing a day’s training to telephone and email support, we are positive that you will find our services to be of the highest standard.

Primary Care Management Solutions is an innovative, proactive consultancy service specialising in management solutions for primary care settings.

The healthcare landscape, particularly the NHS and all that it encompasses, is an environment that is evolving rapidly. These changes pose all kinds of practical difficulties for NHS organisations; CCGs and GP practices. Many struggle to keep abreast of the changes across the NHS generally in addition to the natural internal changes within their specific workplace.

We invite you to see that we have the comprehensive capabilities and expertise to serve the individual nature of your workplace, ultimately raising standards and implementing best practice models and methods. GP practice, CCG, Commissioner or Provider, we’ll endeavour to be a one-stop-shop for your support needs and all that this entails.

Here at Primary Care Management Solutions, we provide services that span all business functions including management, administration, accountancy and IT. Perhaps it is clinical or legal advice that you are seeking in matters relating to the intricacies of Primary Care? We are confident that we can provide you with both practical and cost-effective advice, with solutions for the obstacles you face in your organisation.

We are General Practice specialists and currently manage and provide managerial support to several GP practices and CCGs. This provides us with firsthand insight of what is required to effectively run and manage a harmonious and thriving organisation.

25 Years Experience

Our consultants possess the knowledge and expertise to find solutions to even seemingly small problems. We have worked through and experienced the multitude of changes that the NHS has undergone throughout the last 25 years, so we think we understand the challenges you face today and how to overcome them.‘Hands-On’ Service

At PCMS we offer the option of working alongside your existing team whilst undertaking the necessary work ourselves. We’ll be there all the way through transitions, whether it’s theory and arms-length guidance that you are seeking or practical on-site solutions, we can help contribute to the success of your organisation.

Our hands-on proactive service is one of the many things that set us apart from other consultancy services. And you can expect all of this at competitive rates.

Expert, Dedicated and Friendly Team

Our Team includes practice managers, clinicians and administrative staff who all work closely with legal and financial advisors to ensure a comprehensive service. We have a bank of specialised staff with their particular areas of expertise which we carefully match to each situation. Professionalism and dedication are the defining characteristics of our team.

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