25 Years Experience

Our consultants possess the knowledge and expertise to find solutions to even seemingly small problems. We have worked through and experienced the multitude of changes that the NHS has undergone throughout the last 25 years, so we think we understand the challenges you face today and how to overcome them.


‘Hands-On’ Service

At PCMS we offer the option of working alongside your existing team whilst undertaking the necessary work ourselves. We’ll be there all the way through transitions, whether it’s theory and arms-length guidance that you are seeking or practical on-site solutions, we can help contribute to the success of your organisation.


Our hands-on proactive service is one of the many things that set us apart from other consultancy services. And you can expect all of this at competitive rates.


Expert, Dedicated and Friendly Team

Our Team includes practice managers, clinicians and administrative staff who all work closely with legal and financial advisors to ensure a comprehensive service. We have a bank of specialised staff with their particular areas of expertise which we carefully match to each situation. Professionalism and dedication are the defining characteristics of our team.