Client Testimonials

See what our clients have to say about the positive impact Primary Care Management solutions has had on their practice.



 Pentelow Practice, Middlesex

 Dr Ronan Moran


“Primary Care Management Solutions Ltd were introduced to me 4 years ago by the offices of the Londonwide Local Medical Committee when the succession of this practice had to be put in progress.

This succession has largely been acheived through the successful recruitment of Dr X.  As a result it has now become possible for the practice to expand beyond that of single practitioner status to one of 2 or 3 doctors which I feel is now a critical size for the survival of the practice in the NHS.

Mr Khan’s / PCMS Ltd’s input has been vital to this success both in his initial analysis of the needs of the practice during the transition period and his continued expertise and support.  This initially took the form of weekly input from his assistant and later support from Mr. Khan himself, including his involvement in the short listing of the candidates for the incoming partner and attendance at the interviews.

I am personally indebted to him for his skill in being able to identify the particular needs of the practice at each state of this process and his easy availability and quiet wisdom to me at all times.

I would have felt that this would have been well-nigh impossible on my own and I am very indebted to Mr. Khan for his professionalism which has assured the success of this project.”

Note: Dr Ronan Moran was awarded Health Hero of the year award:

Services provided: Succession Planning, Appointment of GP Partner, Management Support to oversee transition to new IT System, Ongoing advice & support, CQC, Staffing, Nursing Recruitment, Implementation of Phlebotomy

 Bowes Medical Centre

Dr Surraiya Zia


“It was pleasure working with Mr. Sheraz Khan and Primary Care Management Solutions.  I found them to be very punctual, hard working and professional.  I wish you successful future .”

Services provided: Remedial support, Management Support: QOF

Cricklewood Broadway Surgery, London.

Dr T Maheswaran, Principal GP Partner


“Primary Care Management Solutions and Sheraz were initially recommended to me by the Londonwide Medical Committee as far back as 2007, however I have continued to use their services more recently in 2013 and again in 2014.  They helped me and my practice with various aspects of managerial support including assisting us with preparing a bid / tendering and have also used them to source staff (Phlebotomist and Summariser) for us.   We established a good professional relationship, found them to be friendly, courteous and continue to maintain contact.

I would regard their work and our satisfaction with them overall as Excellent and would have no hesitation in recommending their services which I would describe as ideally suited for general practice requirements.”

Note: At the time Dr Maheswaran, was operating as a single handed practitioner from the Lever Medical Centre, however has now grown into a partnership and his practice is Cricklewood Broadway Surgery.


Services provided: Remedial support, Tendering / Bid Writing, Recruitment, Management Consultancy Support & Advice


West London

Dr X, GP Principal

“The surgery was a total mess when I realised we needed an input from a third party. The irresponsible and difficult to approach practice manager was giving me a lot of trouble. I didn’t know who to contact at that point. I was seeking advice from lots of people who recommended various organisations . I then contacted BMA not knowing what to do and they also did what they could to help us at that terrible situation. We were finally referred to an expert who was very well-known for sorting out problems at the general practice level. The expert then arrived at the surgery conducted interviews researched into resources available and finally prepared a report that was not very helpful.

I felt exhausted confused and helpless. Then I came to know about Sheraz & Primary Care Management Solutions through a trustworthy resource to whom I would stay grateful for life for introducing such an unbeatable expert in the field of General Practice Management. Unaware of his potential we started working together and Sheraz has continued to impress and amaze me ever since. The way he handled the terrible situation, staff, issues and troubles was truly exceptional. His researching and problem solving efficiency is unremarkable. The whole team at the surgery started to love him just for the way he handled the chaos that had affected each and every member of staff. He then took over the responsibility of not just problem-solving and report creating but further beyond. He made dramatic improvements within the practice and the staff and turned the situation upside down. I can definitely say that the practice began to perform at its best under the support from Sheraz & Primary Care Management Solutions. I was constantly amazed by his efficiencies, talents and potentials.  I can write a full storybook just to explain the difficulties I was thrown in to and the way Sheraz & Primary Care Management Solutions handled it.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank him once again for such a timely and efficient support he offered. I would like to emphasise that if you choose to work which Sheraz & Primary Care Management Solutions you will not be making a mistake but will be fortunate to work with them to get all your issues sorted with expertise. Their works are never a repetition or a copy and are always unique and tailor made. If you are looking for some one to deal with either your queries or to help/support who is exceptional, efficient, quick and unique, PCMS & Sheraz are the answers.  I wish them all the very best in every endeavour.”

Note: At the time Dr X was operating as a single handed practitioner, but has since grown into a thriving partnership, staff are motivated and enthuisiastic, the practice is performing at its best ever (CCG / QIPP targets), Profits are up (accountants could not believe).


Services: Root & Branch overhaul, Disciplinary including Tribunal matters, Recruitment of new staff, Appointment of partners and new management structure, CQC and ongoing management support.


 Barking Road Medical Centre

Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad – Business Manager


“We have no hesitation to say without doubt that “Primary Care Management Solutions worked extremely hard within a very limited time period to ensure the practice was running smoothly and it was very noticeable that since their involvement the practice overcame the difficulties we were facing at the time,  in fact we could have been closed down without their involvement.  We really appreciate the hard work and support provided by them”


Services Provided: Remedial Support following breach notice, Clinical Governance, Protocols & Policies.